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‘Doula’ is a greek word meaning service, for me it is a service from the heart. As a doula I have the privilege of connecting with people during their outgoing journey, honouring their choices with compassion and dignity. Every person’s end of life journey is different, unique just as we are all individuals in life. My services can be provided individually or collectively, whatever your needs and choices are, which is detailed in a client agreement specific to you.

Embracing Time - Emotional Support_edite


Emotional support to help clients and family come to terms with a medical diagnosis and cope with anticipatory grief.

Embracing Time - care at home.png


Identify and facilitate resources to provide the best possible outcome for the clients end of life journey.



Creating a life plan, short and long term goals, these might include, capturing a life story, a bucket list, emotional will and legacy documents.

Embracing time - Legal advisor.png


Identify and manage completion of necessary legal paperwork including, Wills, Enduring Guardianship, Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Plans.

Embracing Time - medical consultation.png


Medical advocacy, taking clients to medical appointments, providing information for quality end of life care, including pain management options and complimentary therapies.

Embracing Time - Vigil.png


End of life vigil and after death vigil, including after death care and rituals.

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